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              —— Why then I hope you wouldn’t mind a piffling inconvenience along Baker Street one of these days, darling. Keep the shoes indoors. 

      Now, I wouldn’t go that far.
         And I don’t think Mrs Hudson would approve of you opening up shop beside hers.


[Jim could visibly see the disappointment in Sherlock’s expression nearly the second it appeared - and he wasn’t surprised. But perfect strangers, bombs, little cases for Sherlock to solve… those had all been to TEST him. To see just how clever the great detective truly was, when given a case constructed by another genius and not just some, run-of-the-mill villain. The British man had passed, of course, but only the admissions test.] I just want to be sure that clever brain of yours is still working properly - being that it hasn’t had a PROPER work out in quite some time.


[Moving a bit closer to the other man, their faces only inches apart, the smirk of the devil pulled at the corner of Moriarty’s lips.] And whoever said it would be just John this time, Sherlock… There’s so many more people you care about now, aren’t there? John and Mary, sure, but your brother and your parents, Lestrade and all the little police men. All people you’d be better off without and yet, you continue to keep them around like old toys.

       [Sherlock watches Jim with calculating eyes as the man seems to lose himself in his thoughts for a brief moment. It’s all been a test up until now, of course he knows that, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating that Jim feels the need to go after his friends once again. It’s incredible stereotypical, and honestly he’d expect better from Jim Moriarty of all people, but he supposes even geniuses run out of original ideas some time.] I’m not quite sure this will provide it.

         [Sherlock raises an eyebrow at their new close position, his head tilting to the side. He looks him over slowly, eyebrow inched upwards as he wonders if the man is trying to intimidate him— because it’s not going to work.] The police officers? Oh, please— Lestrade is the only one that’s tolerable amongst that babble of idiots. Really, Jim, if you’re jealous that I’m spending more time with other people, you need only say.

Lost Opportunities


      [Irene knows that Sherlock enjoys her company, for the mere reason that he allows her to be in his presence. For a man who presumably hates everyone, he can have his moments; Irene’s just talented at finding them and working them to her advantage. For once, her slight manipulation lacked malicious intentions. It was more of a personal matter, anyways– the exploitation of Sherlock’s rare sensitivities. Take this moment as an example; here Sherlock was, attempting to be comforting when both he and Irene know it’s far outside his comfort zone. The effort alone is more than enough for her, and it brings a genuine smile to her pale lips which made her look quite naked.]

      [Sherlock’s fingers pressed against her wrist would be met with a slow, steady pulse; one that demonstrated her true fatigue. However, she wasn’t cross with him whatsoever– and her slightly dilated pupils betrayed her to sentiment once more. She follows his lead and reaches for her own mug, sipping at it slowly.] What are your plans for the day? [She asks him, peeking up at him through her slightly lidded lashes before she took another sip.] 

      [Sherlock’s terrible at putting up with people, so he’d be surprised if Irene wasn’t extremely proud and smug about the fact that he enjoys her company. Because he does, otherwise he wouldn’t have ever allowed her to stick around. But there’s something about Irene that makes it surprisingly easy for Sherlock to want her around, much like with John. They’re the two people he actively seeks company from, rather than simply tolerating them. And it’s shown in the effort he goes through for her— he’s trying to comfort her, when it’s not something that he has no idea how to do. The genuine smile on her lips shows that his effort was worth it, and he lets a fleeting smile quirk the corners of his lips.]

            [His eyes flicker over her face for a moment when he notices the dilated pupils, noting the sentiment. He tilts his head for a moment, before he takes another sip of his tea. It doesn’t take long to finish his tea because it’s warm enough to drink straight down.] Unfortunately, I have no cases today. I’d yet to decide on what I wanted to do, when you returned. [He looks back at her, his eyes giving away the fact that he does like the fact that she’s back. He had missed her.]

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      [Unlike Sherlock’s profession, hers was a highly social one. Whereas conversation on a case was only mandatory in the exchange of facts and deductions, Irene had to chat up her clients in order to get them to slip up. She only had a limited supply of narcotics after all, and those were saved for her special friends... also known as the blokes who dared to challenge her authority. That was probably why Sherlock had been on the receiving end when they first met.]

      [Another thing that is a positive in their relationship is their different levels of interest in sex. Had Sherlock been anyone else, they wouldn’t have accepted the nature of her profession which often involved sexual favours and foreplay in order for her to collect the information she required in order to weave her intricate web of scandals. There are many levels of importance in her web, and multiple failsafes that ensured she remained protected if anyone attempted to double cross her or break their deal. One thing Irene has done recently is refusing to have sex with clients, out of a semblance of loyalty to Sherlock. She was sure he noticed, and wondered if he appreciated the gesture.]

      [It was a windy day and Irene tugs up the collar of her fur coat in order to keep her neck warm. She grins crookedly with a raised eyebrow as he opens for her.] Such chivalry… what a kind man. [Irene coos teasingly, taking a seat and doing up her seatbelt with a smirk.]

      [Whilst Sherlock is fully capable of charming someone should he need to, he actively decides against it, because he doesn’t like unnecessary social interaction. He’d rather just turn on the charm if he absolutely needs to. Whereas, with Irene, it seems she has it turned on permanently, she simply can’t help herself. She’s always flirting, always charming everyone that she meets, and it’s something that Sherlock’s grown rather used to.]

      [Oh, Sherlock’s noticed. And he’s surprised by the fact that he genuinely appreciates her effort. He doesn’t mind her continuing her work, of course, that doesn’t bother him in the slightest. But, really, he’s not quite sure he’d like the idea of her sleeping with them, now. To start with it didn’t phase him in the slightest, but now that idea is less than appealing, and so he’s quite appreciative of the fact that she no longer feels the need to sleep with them.]

      [Sherlock’s eyebrow inches upwards at her teasing, and he slides into the cab beside her, settling back against the seat.] It’s easier than receiving the cold shoulder for the remainder of the trip. [He comments, glancing at his watch before he shoots her an amused look.]

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Just taking in the view.

Overrated, if you ask me. I was led to believe it was quite…impressive.

      You shouldn’t always believe what you’re told.
         A common mistake.

[hey who wants a starter]

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  ‘ I'll keep that in mind.

         We need biscuits, as well.

Lost Opportunities


      [Irene often finds herself speculating how her life might’ve turned out if they hadn’t grown close. She knew she’d made a lasting impression, seeing as he saved her life in Islamabad when he could’ve left her there to die. Irene supposed being a replacement for John was her way of saying thank you. And because they were so similar they knew how to recognize when something was wrong. Sherlock would do mundane experiments that provide little-to-no stimulation just to distract himself from whatever had irritated him. Irene would refuse clients and curl up on the couch and read for hours on end. Both of them would notice the signs in the others, but fail to see them in themselves.]

      [He’s noticed her staring, and yet she doesn’t look away like she normally does. Not this time. It had been three months and she wouldn’t be depriving herself of this pleasure– she was selfish that way. But his lips had twitched faintly, and it makes her feel reassured that things were headed on the right path. Reassurance was what she needs right now.] I suppose that is correct. [Another lengthy silence blankets over them as he holds her and grips her wrist– checking her pulse, no doubt. Eventually, she speaks.] The tea will get cold. [She muses, glancing over to the mugs, which had stopped steaming. They’d still be warm enough to drink, but not for much longer.]

      [Sherlock’s well aware that his life would be quiet different were it not for him and Irene getting together. He certainly wouldn’t be in a relationship, that’s for sure. Because Irene is the only person he’s actually ever felt drawn to enough that he’d willingly be in a real relationship with, because it just isn’t in his personality to be interested in something like that. But Irene has a certain way about her that’s made it very easy for him to find himself in a relationship before he could really realise it, and now it doesn’t bother him in the slightest. He enjoys her company perhaps more than he shows.]

      [He tilts his head slightly when she doesn’t break her gaze, and simply keeps his eyes locked on hers, fingers pressed gently against her wrist. He’s checking her pulse, she’s absolutely right, but it’s simply to see whether or not she’s still mad with him. When she speaks, he turns his head to glance at the tea before he nods.] Of course. [Letting go of her, he reaches over for his mug and brings it to his lips to take a sip, fingers curling around the warm mug.] 



        Sugar, then. Everyone’s got sugar.

      I was talking about your question which brought me back from my fleeting exile.
         But sugar is on the tray.

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  ❉  She swallowed, jumping slightly at the sudden harshness of his voice. She folded her hands tightly, eyes fluttering down to the ground. Huh, concrete never looked so nice. She took a slow breath before exhaling. 

        “I’ve social anxiety. Sorry.” she said a bit bitterly. 

         And your reason for coming to me?